Sunday, 13 June 2010

First Lilies and Daisies Party

I had my first product party last night.  I didn't really have time to get nervous as so busy trying to make things, find display stuff and work out the logistics of how things was going to plan out.  I didn't have high expectations as I have read a few blogs where really successful internets shops haven't really sold much when doing craft faris and parties.

However, it went really really well!! (The photos are not too good as table was in front of a window!)

I think the presentation at the start could have gone better, but it was my first attempt and that can only improve with practice.  The table I had looked lovely and I am so grateful for my sister Andrea and niece Anastasia, who helped to set it all up.  I took over £100 which is amazing considering that my most expensive item sold was only £4.50

It is something I definitetly will have to do more of and I how have the confidence to try a few craft fairs.

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  1. omg!!! I want to go too!!! I love your notice board... Im trying to find a really nice one. currently all your magnets are on my radiator beside my bed cuz theyre far too nice for the fridge lol im so glad it was successful!