Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Products

I made these a few weeks ago.  I will be listing them shortly in my shops but first opportunity goes to my blog readers - email me if you are interested in anything before I list them.   I want to photgraph them better but it is such a miserable day so the light is terrible.

Both these are long style necklaces and are £8.50 each.

Bracelet £4.50 (also available with lilac rose)

Shorter Black Rose Necklace £6.50

This is a bit special.  
Original vintage flower (so unusual and pretty) on a short necklace with light amber glass beads.
Not entirely sure whether I want to sell it yet as it will be totally unique.  I love it.


  1. These are beautiful!I love the vintage flower too. And the first necklace is gorgeous. They all are! :)

  2. These are very pretty;lovely colours.Not surprised you want to keep the last one:)xx