Saturday, 4 September 2010

New Camera....and new items!!!

Finally got my camera.  Here are some new photos of the necklaces and earrings I have made so far.  There are more in the process of being made (including the September Blog Giveaway prize!!).

More photos can be found on my Flickr account and items are now listed on Folksy.

Hope they were worth the wait!!


  1. They look fantastic!! Tamar inspired?

    A wee hint for photoshooting.. Always do it beside a window - but not direct sunlight. If u can- use some White muslin over the window to diffuse it. Never have the sun behind ur item - u wud b shooting in the shadows.. It also might b worry getting a cheap pinboard and spray painting it white - or use a big White panel of something.. Place it behind or to the side of objects to act as a reflector so u donlose light!

  2. Didn't really like Tamar stuff as she mixes the chain colours and materials and I think it looks a bit odd sometimes. Also very expensive!! I have kept all the same colour metals i.e. gold. Working on silver things now.
    Thanks for advice. I was really happy with the photos. I know I have a few shadows but just wanted to get them listed asap. Plan to have my niece model some stuff soon.