Thursday, 2 September 2010

Sneak Peak

Still no camera but I have managed to take a blurry shot of the earrings I made last night on my phone.  It doesn't capture the details as they have pearls with gorgeous bead caps, and beautiful hearts at the top.
Next was going to be my necklaces, but the battery has gone!


  1. They look beautiful even on a mobile phone.
    Jacey x
    Nearly forgot, i have an award for you over on my blog.

  2. oh my god! Im so excited!!! Hurry up and get a camera!! whats happening? have you lost a lead or is it fluffed completely? My mum hit me on the arm when i was wearing your post earrings - "get away! you didnt tell me she did earrings too!! show me!!"

  3. Camera is completely broken. I sat on it at the beach and now the zoom is broken and won't turn on. My fat bottom's fault :)

  4. oohh they look lovely :-) Your bum is obviously too boney if it broke the camera, each more chocolate :-)