Saturday, 17 July 2010

Creative Night

Last night I had a request for some rings.  I got down to making them, but then got carried away creating.  Here are some other things I came up with:-

Filigree and Ivory rose headband

Mini rose hair combs

Ceramic button and bow daisy lace comb
(made this in blue and green)

Filigree hair grip

 ...and large rose hair combs in...

..and blue.

I love making new things, especially when they turn out well.  The combs stay in the hair really well and I might keep one of the heart ceramic button slides.  Have to stop making things to keep or will never be successful!!


  1. these are lovely! the filigree stuff you have been making is stunning!

  2. Love those, you have been a busy bee :-)

  3. The new filigree things are just so pretty.