Thursday, 29 July 2010

More making

I know...I don't post for a few days then 2 together.  Just been busy working, as usual!!  I dream of just being able to do Lilies and Daisies stuff!

I have made more new things.  These are not yet listed in my shops, but email me if anything interests you.  I am selling quite a lot to friends and family at the moment, so there is not always chance to list them straight away.

Daisy Earrings

Daisy Hair Grip

Rose Hair Grip

Mini flower clip

Daisy lace and rose ring

Coral large rose ring

Large pink rose ring

Daisy ring (don't my hands look wrinkly!!)


  1. WOW = am loving the rings they look fab! - you are clever! x

  2. love your makes, must check out your shop :-)

  3. lol ur hands arent wrinkly u mentalist!! I need to do some shopping with u for a wedding outfit!! Those daisy earrings are cute but im thinking a clip for my beehive (hopeful beehive.. i have short hair!)

  4. oohh I like the daisy ring, do you have one in stock at the moment? Message me via my blog, cheers. By the way just blogged about your lovely giveaway :-)