Thursday, 29 July 2010


My Cath Kidston wicker bag broke.  I had too much in it.  I just tend to fill bags till they overflow.  It broke in the middle of shopping too.  I loved it so much and nearly cried.

The lining was a lovely floral fabric and so in has been recycled into magnets.  This is a vintage, no longer available, Cath Kidston fabric.

These can be found in my eBay shop.  If I sell some, I can buy another bag. :)


  1. Hello,just found you and your blog via ebay,looking at badges!! Sorry to hear about your basket,but I love the magnets! If you pop along to my blog,you will see I have a little vintage shop in Cornwall which I opened in April and I would be interested in buying some of your lovely things to sell there.Let me know how you prefer to sell,I don't have an Etsy or Folksy account-in similar situations I have sent payment direct via paypal,please let me know if you are email is on my blog,regards Shevie

  2. as soon as i read that my heart broke for you!! lol.