Friday, 16 July 2010


I thought I would just do a quick update on what is happening with me!!

Well...nothing much new I suppose.  Followers of all my shops will have probably noticed that my eBay listings have decreased and more things have been listed on Folksy and Etsy.  This is a decision I made due to increasing eBay fees - they are terrible!!  eBay does offer good exposure tho, and I still have loads of new customers via there.   Lilies and Daisies have sold world wide vie eBay and I have sent products to US, France, Spain, Belgium, New Zealand, Australia and Israel.  My customers in Australia are usually people who used to live in the UK and miss the Cath Kidston/ vintage floral thing.  I would miss it too.

My products at the moment are really a wide random and somewhat ecletic mix.  I just like to try new things and love it when they work and sell well.  And I still have so many ideas.  The things I started out wanting to make still haven't being tried, and I am trying various different avenues.

My main problem (which I always keep whinging on about) is time.  Unfortunetly that will probably get worse from now on.  The summer school holidays start from today, so will also have to worry and find time and childcare for my 5 year old as well as my 9 month old.  I also dropped my hours to 4 days when I had the baby, but from September will be going back full time!

I am so grateful for everyone who buys my products and offer support and I will continue to make things to the best of my ability.  I get loads of good feedback and emails detailing what people have done with my things which is very special.  People often also trust me with custom orders, which is extra rewarding, knowing how much somebody wants these things.  I still have the dream of doing this full time, but know it will take a lot of time an effort.  My short term plan is to do more craft fairs and product parties next year, and depending on how these turn out, to start showing my things to local shops. 

This is all still just an experiment....but one which is turning out great!!

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  1. I know it is hard juggling family, work and enterprise isn't it. If only you lived closer I would look after your kiddies and would have taken payment in pretties (your gorgeous makes) :-)