Sunday, 9 May 2010

Bargins to be had

Today has been a listing day on eBay.  On the 2nd June, eBay listing fees will increase for auction style listings, and I haven't yet decided what to do.  I will either have to increase my prces to cover the fees (as I barely cover costs at the moment anyway), only list buy it now prices or just give up on eBay totally.  I just love using eBay as I find it is the perfect place to introduce items and find new customers.  I often find that these customers then go on to buy things from my other sites, or by contacting me directly.  I also use the auction listings to discover what people like or don't like to help me decide what to make more of.  My brother has shown me now how to start listing items on my own website, but I think he will have to go over it again with me, as can't really remember what he said! :)
So I thought I would make the most of eBay at the moment and I have listed loads today, including some items that I had forgotten about.  Lots of them are the last and only ones of things, so they are Lilies and Daisies Limited Edition, lol.
The blog magnet giveaway will end tomorrow at midday, so good luck to those who have entered.  If you haven't entered, then what are you waiting for!!

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