Friday, 14 May 2010

Spring clean never happened

You probably all remember that I said I was going to spring clean and add new items to all my sites.  Well I only actually got round to doing my eBay stuff and as usual I have neglected both Etsy and Folksy.  It is still waiting to be crossed off my to do list!

The day after I blog about not having many orders, I have loads.  I have been busy answering emails for the last hour regarding enquires, and subsequently haven't done anything else except fake tan, as I am going out for a meal tomorrow night.  I have the whitest skin possible, and very dark hair.  It just doesn't coordinate (unless you are a vampire), so I have to regularly add a bit of colour to stop me feeling miserable.
I have sold out of some of the ranges of party bag badges, so I have had to add a new design featuring bugs.  They are currently listed on eBay.  6 badges cost £1.20

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