Sunday, 16 May 2010

Catch 22

I don't know what to do first.

I have a product party for the 12th June, so obviously need items to sell.  I have been trying to make extra things everytime I make something to sell online.  But as things are selling so well, I am not really keeping enough stock for the party, and all the spare time is spent packing.  I really should just stop listing things online for a bit, but the online sales allows me to buy new materials.  Definitely a catch 22 situation. I know I should be complaining about selling stuff!!

Thought I could also share the stuff I have been buying recently. 
Tags, for packing.  They have yet to be stamped.

Ribbons in lots of colours.  No reason, I just couldn't resist!

Vintage fabric, floral of course.

Cups and saucers.  This is a new collecting addiction.  All odd, all floral.  Good job J takes no notice of our very girly house anymore!!

And this is a project.  A shabby chic old drawer which I am hoping to transform into a display for my product party.  It will hopefully look lovely when done. 

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