Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Very Messy!

Today i have been very untidy....
 ...sorting out what stock I have, what needs to be made and remembering where I have safely put things (only to lose them)!
This is a new hair slide I have made for a special occasion and which I am going to start selling very soon.  Get in touch if you would like one first as numbers are limited at the moment.  They are £4 each.


  1. Hello,
    My magnets arrived today and they are LOVELY! Thank you for the extra one, very kind! :)
    They are on my notice board now.
    Thank you again...

  2. you should see my mess! That hair slide is lovely! I might need one for a wedding but id poss like to attach it to a ribbon... thinking of having a beehive :) im bidding on a dress at the moment but i think that colour wud be perfect xo