Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Special delivery


Last week I received some grey real leather.  It was a bargain on an eBay auction.  I have waited ages for it to arrive, as the postman forgot to leave a delivery card when I was out and it got returned to sender.  Tried to complain to Royal Mail and was told 'sometimes people say that they haven't had a card but you could be mistaken'.  (Basically they said I was lying!)  It was worth the wait as love the texture of real leather and the grey colour is lovely.  I can picture it with pink.
Trouble is that I have no plans on what to use it for.  I often have these impulse buys but I am sure it will come in handy for something.  I have also ordered some vintage 1950's fabric which should arrive tomorrow.  It is difficult ordering vintage textiles on the internet, as the condition can vary, but fingers crossed it is as beautiful as the photos.  I want to make some cushions for the product party coming up, so collecting some fabrics, ribbons and trimmings.

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