Monday 26 September 2011

Struggling to blog

I have had a rest.  It was supposed to be a small break, then it turned into something longer.  Working full time and being a mum takes it's toll and it is difficult to also fit in making things and writing about them.  That is not to say that I haven't been keeping up with all my favourite blogs, and the time has come for me to try and fit in Lilies and Daisies again.

I am only starting off with the Cath Kidston Magnets....but these were the best seller and it will help me get funds together to be more creative before christmas.  I am also glad to see that nobody has been able to fill the gap Lilies and Daisies left, and there is no other seller I can find that offers such large, strong magnets with varied designs at a low price.

The magnets are currently on sale on my eBay.

Friday 10 June 2011

Sale items

Just to warn everyone that the sale items will end today and tomorrow on eBay.  Still loads of bargain not yet bid on.

Sunday 5 June 2011

Further Sale items added

More items have been added to the sale, all hair accessories.
They include:
All start at low auction prices for 1 week only.xx

Saturday 4 June 2011


Hi everyone,
I have currently listed some items at bargain prices on my eBay, including:
Happy Shopping :)

Friday 18 March 2011

New Cath Kidston Magnet/Badge Designs

I now have some further designs to add to the Cath Kidston paper magnets and badges range.  This means there is now a total of 27 choices!!

The baby has lost the memory card from my camera so I will have to show the designs on other items.  You will have to use your imagination to visualise them on magnets!! All images from Cath Kidston.

The new designs are:
English Rose

Spring Flowers White

Lace Stripe in PINK or GREEN

Chelsea Roses in WHITE or BLUE

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Most Perfect Dress

 I have fallen in love with this most perfect dress worn by Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe awards.  It combines the most amazing emerald material with a classic vintage style.  I know I wouldn't look as beautiful and elegant as Angelina (who would?!?) but I really want to recreate in so would be grateful if anyone knows of any similar material or pattens.

Also a quick reminder of my Facebook page.  My blog is feeling a bit neglected at the moment.  I foolishly let the baby play with my camera so I now have a missing memory card so can't take any photos unless on my phone.  My facebook page is updated much more regularly and also includes all my product photos.

Saturday 29 January 2011

Dressmaking Services Sewing Classes

Here is my mum's latest addition to her schedule:

Beginners Sewing Machine Workshops

Never used a sewing machine before? Or just a bit rusty and keen to get back on that pedal? This workshop is for you!!

During the workshop, you will learn how to use a sewing machine and complete a simple textile project as you learn plenty of new skills.  Take your pick from a selection of fabrics to make a pretty cushion cover to take home at the end of your class.

You will learn all of the following:
How to thread a machine
How to change a needle
How to use the presser foot
How to fill and load the bobbin
How to stitch in a straight line
How to adjust stitch length and style
How to stitch a simple hem
How to sew a button hole
Basic sewing techniques such as cutting out, pinning, ironing and sewing on a button
Introduction to over-locking


Material, thread and button included (unless you wish to use your own) and use of equipment.  Why not bring along your own machine if you have one.

Dates and times to suit you.
One to one tuition from a qualified City and Guilds trained tutor (with the patience of a saint).
Cushion can be made in one lesson, or if you want to take your time, further workshops can be arranged.

Contact Diane Roynon at Dressmaking Services for further information. 01495 791088, High Street Abersychan

Love Giveaway Winners

Michelle, Gill and Heart Handmade all get in contact via email with your details.  I have decided to send you each the love notelet cards.  Feeling very generous today :)

Friday 28 January 2011

Brilliant Blogs

It amazes me how much time I can lose reading other peoples blogs.  I really don't have that much time to begin with.  Just thought I would share a few.

Just a note to anyone setting up a blog.  I know that Blogger is not seen as the best system for blogging, but I find it so much easier to follow blogs on this then any of the other sites.

Thursday 27 January 2011

New Products

I made these a few weeks ago.  I will be listing them shortly in my shops but first opportunity goes to my blog readers - email me if you are interested in anything before I list them.   I want to photgraph them better but it is such a miserable day so the light is terrible.

Both these are long style necklaces and are £8.50 each.

Bracelet £4.50 (also available with lilac rose)

Shorter Black Rose Necklace £6.50

This is a bit special.  
Original vintage flower (so unusual and pretty) on a short necklace with light amber glass beads.
Not entirely sure whether I want to sell it yet as it will be totally unique.  I love it.

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Mini Giveaway

I have just been experimenting and have come up with these......

Mini Valentine Day, or just love, notelet cards.

They feature a handmade badge, made using offical Cath Kidston paper.  As I have been such a lazy blogger, I decided to do a mini giveaway.  The winner will receive one of each design. 

It will just run for the next couple of days - just leave a comment.  It can be about anything.  Maybe let me know what you will be doing for Valentine's Day.

They can also be found on my eBay.

Happy St Dwynwen's Day

Today is the welsh version of Valentine's Day - St Dwynwen's Day.  Dwynwen is the welsh patron saint of lovers who dedicated her life for our happiness.

It therefore seemed a great day to show you the Valentine Card I am currently selling.  It was a big hit last year so I haven't modified it.  They are currently avaliable to purchase on eBay, Folksy and Etsy - and postage is free!!

In honour of St Dywnwen, make sure you tell someone - "dwi'n dy garu di"