Thursday 9 May 2013

Wedding Inspiration & dresses

Continuing with the wedding series, I thought it would be useful to begin with how we decided to have a vintage inspired wedding.

Jamie and I have been together 10 years, and I think he has known for 8 of those years how much I love anything vintage, pink, china and floral.....oh and maybe anything with hearts.  He has gone along with the decorating of the house in shabby chic, the constant new arrival of a new floral plate or the sudden appearance of a vintage glass butter dish without much question.  I don't think he had any doubt, when he asked me to marry him a year ago, that it would be vintage inspired.

But what era?  Anything between 1900 to the 1950's excites me, but nothing beats the timeless elegance of the 1940's.  We didn't want it to be a complete theme or fancy dress wedding, but to have the simple beauty of a relaxed family wedding, enjoying the simple things and each other.  Of course there had to be vintage china, bunting, pink, hearts and lots of flowers.

My mum would make the dresses, as she has her own business.  She said not to worry about how many bridesmaids I wanted.....she regretted that when I told her we had decided on 7!

As with anything I create, the image of my dress was firmly in my mind, but I had to try and explain it to my mum for her to create.  She worked so hard and I couldn't believe how perfect it was, even when I had only seen the trial run.  It appeared simple, but was far from that to create, due to the delicate nature of the pure silk fabric and the tiny pin tuck she had put on the front and back.  It was elegant and captured the feel of the 1940 era.

The bridesmaid's dresses weren't that easy to decide on due to the fact that I had such a varying assortment of ages.  It the end we choose an original 40's pattern for the 2 eldest in a pale coffee, the middle 3 wanted something with a skirt, in a ivory floral and the youngest 2 also had an original 1940's design, with a matching floral design but in a pale pink fabric.

Friday 3 May 2013

Vintage Wedding Series

Two weeks ago I got married.
It was a year in the planning and making, but was the most amazing day and can't wait to share everything with you.
The wedding was unique due to almost everything being a handmade family affair.
All the dresses were made by my mum.  Accessories and flowers made by myself.  And the most important part, the help and support, was supplied by our brilliant friends and families.
I am eager to share everything, but just like the day itself and the honeymoon, I want to make it last as long as possible.  For that reason, I have decided to share in a blog series, detailing each part.  I also have a Lilies and Daisies business, so will also be sharing how each detail will be able to be purchased or rented for your own vintage parties and weddings.
I can't wait and hope you will be just as excited to follow and share our brilliant day.

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Great Welsh Sewing Bee

After the success of the The Great British Sewing Bee on tv, why not take the opportunity to learn to sew.  Here are details of the beginnings sewing class, but the workshop can be tailored to your own ability.  Discounts for groups so why not set up a sew and chat session with friends, and tea and cake will be supplied!!

Beginners Sewing Machine Workshops

Never used a sewing machine before? Or just a bit rusty and keen to get back on that pedal? This workshop is for you!!

During the workshop, you will learn how to use a sewing machine and complete a simple textile project as you learn plenty of new skills.  Take your pick from a selection of fabrics to make a pretty cushion cover to take home at the end of your class.

You will learn all of the following:
How to thread a machine
How to change a needle
How to use the presser foot
How to fill and load the bobbin
How to stitch in a straight line
How to adjust stitch length and style
How to stitch a simple hem
How to sew a button hole
Basic sewing techniques such as cutting out, pinning, ironing and sewing on a button
Introduction to over-locking


Material, thread and button included (unless you wish to use your own) and use of equipment.  Why not bring along your own machine if you have one.

Dates and times to suit you.
One to one tuition from a qualified City and Guilds trained tutor (with the patience of a saint).
Cushion can be made in one lesson, or if you want to take your time, further workshops can be arranged.

Contact Diane Roynon or Anna Roynon at Dressmaking Services for further information. 01495 775500, High Street Abersychan