Wednesday 31 March 2010

Royal Mail rage!

One of my customers received their order today, to find that the earrings were damaged.
Royal mail are driving me mad now. Even although everything is wrapped well and put in bubble envelopes, things are still getting damaged.
So I have had to make the decision to wrap some things in boxes. This is a pity as it means scrapping my tags for the earrings and rings and subsequently having to increase the postal charge. The price from a large letter to a packet goes up by about 70p and that is not even including the extra costs I will incur by having to buy boxes.
That is not to say that card boxes won't also get squashed. Any ideas gratefully received!!

Work in progress

Have to go back to the day job this pm so not much crafty stuff today.Will have to leave my work in progress box for another day! Very messy!

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Packing...the 'Lilies and Daisies' way

Today I have been very organised and did some packing of orders during the day so I could take photos.
This is my packing box. It contains all the bits and bobs I need. Previously it took me ages wrapping orders as running around looking for things, but now much quicker, as everything is in the same place.I also have a box containing organza bags in various colours and sizes, and small boxes and tags.

I use the cards to mount my earrings and hair slides. They are custom made by me, by using a purple ink and a daisy stamp. I wanted a vintage feel to them and they are simple but compliment my items without being too distracting.Then I add the 'Lilies and Daisies' and some purple jute rope.
Here they are with both post and clip earrings...
...and with hair slides.
Add some tissue, a sticker and organza bag....done!!

Monday 29 March 2010

Very ill!!

Today I had to ring in sick and stay home in bed. Have had the stomach bug that is doing the rounds which was very annoying due to how hard I had worked to arrange childcare during this half term week. Never mind. Even had to ring Jamie to come home to get the baby ready for nursery as stomach cramps so bad. Liliana pretty much looks after herself and was no trouble.

Also got very cross with my boss in work, who decided to be very sarcastic when rang in, stating that he didn't know there was a stomach bug around, even tho half of the hospital has been closed with it!! Before this I felt very guilty being off, as we are really short staffed, but then got angry instead!!

Feeling much better already, but will still be off tomorrow as have to wait 48 hours before going back to work. Another pj day I think! (Sorry for the over use of exclamation marks in the post but love them :) )

Sunday 28 March 2010

Magnet Madness

Just wanted to keep everyone updated regarding the magnet shortage.I have been waiting waiting weeks for my magnets component supply but they still haven't arrived. It is driving me mad as they were selling so quickly and I have just got new ranges of both paper and fabric for them, but there is nothing I can do but just wait.
My supplier has promised me that they should arrive within the next 2 weeks.

Sorry to everyone who has contacted me with requests and I promise that I will get back to you all asap.
On a postive note, there are still a few ready made ones available and these are all listed on my eBay shop, so first come first served. There is also a plentiful supply of badges!!

Perfectly Packaged

Anyone who has ever received an item from me will know how much thought, time and effort goes into presentation and packing.

It has always amazed me when I have gone to France, how they not only take effort in selling you an item, but then take so much time after you have bought the item, in making sure that you can totally relive the pleasure of buying, by opening layers of tissue and ribbon to discover that treasured item

This is an experience I try to replicate for my customers, as there is nothing more satisfying than waiting for the postman to bring your treasured purchase (sometimes you might have been waiting till payday to afford it!!) and then to take the time to discover it.

My hair slides are presented on a custom made gift card, wrapped in tissue and then popped in an organza bag. Most of the items have tissue and an organza bag at the least.

I also try and keep my postage costs to a minimum for the customer. Unfortunately, at the moment this is being jeopardised by Mr Postie who seems to damage some items, to the despair of both me and the recipient. This means that certain items, like my rings, now have to be packed in boxes not just the bubble wrap and the postage cost has risen from a large letter to small packet.

Most of my packing gets done at night, when the children are fast asleep, so no photos to show you at the moment, as the lighting is never right. My aim is to take photos of this during the day, so keep posted.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Not so busy day

I had such big plans for my day off, but as usual, the day goes so quickly.

I have managed to finish some corsage brooches in new colours, and photograph my new colour slides.

Also my new aim is to try and list a couple of things per day on etsy and folksy as not getting far with just one or two items!!
Back in work now for 3 days so not looking forward to the hectic before and after, managing the childcare drop offs and pick ups. My working day is about 2-3 hours longer with this.

Monday 22 March 2010

Weekend Visitor

Over the weekend we had a visitor - Barnaby Bear.My daugther Liliana had spoke welsh in school all week (she goes to a welsh school) and been very good so we had the pleasure of looking after Barnaby all weekend. Think he was exhausted by today and was looking forward to sleeping in school!

I was back in work today so nothing made, but do have another day off tomorrow so have very big plans!!

Sunday 21 March 2010

New me, new blog!! - continued

Didn't finish my last blog. Got really excited about adding a photo.
Well, the new blog bit is just about trying to make my blog more exciting by adding some photos and trying to keep it updated. Going to manage my time so well.
The weekend has gone so quick but I have managed to make lots of new felt hair slides in new colours. Haven't took photos yet but here are ones I already have listed.

New me, new blog!!

I have decided that I have definitely been trying too hard and it is impossible to try and keep doing everything. I have a full time job, 2 children under 5, and trying to start a new venture. Going to try and carry on doing all those things but at a slower pace. Just got carried away with all the orders I was getting, but now realise that there is no rush to get everything made. I was also making lots and lots of badges and magnets to keep up with demand, but then not getting the time to do the things I really love, like the felt brooches and hair slides. Thank goodness that my supplier has run out of magnets, as made me rediscover my love for all things felt!!

Thursday 18 March 2010

So much to do, so little time!!

I have so many ideas about things I want to do, but not enough time to get them even started.
It was so easy while on maternity (well not too easy with difficult baby!!), but now that I am back in work, just not enough hours in the day!!
I have 3 days off now, so hoping to update my ebay stuff and perhaps get some new things started. Been wanting to get my easter cards listed. Better hurry up all easter will be gone!!
Also have to chase my brother about finishing the website.