Monday, 29 March 2010

Very ill!!

Today I had to ring in sick and stay home in bed. Have had the stomach bug that is doing the rounds which was very annoying due to how hard I had worked to arrange childcare during this half term week. Never mind. Even had to ring Jamie to come home to get the baby ready for nursery as stomach cramps so bad. Liliana pretty much looks after herself and was no trouble.

Also got very cross with my boss in work, who decided to be very sarcastic when rang in, stating that he didn't know there was a stomach bug around, even tho half of the hospital has been closed with it!! Before this I felt very guilty being off, as we are really short staffed, but then got angry instead!!

Feeling much better already, but will still be off tomorrow as have to wait 48 hours before going back to work. Another pj day I think! (Sorry for the over use of exclamation marks in the post but love them :) )

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