Sunday, 21 March 2010

New me, new blog!! - continued

Didn't finish my last blog. Got really excited about adding a photo.
Well, the new blog bit is just about trying to make my blog more exciting by adding some photos and trying to keep it updated. Going to manage my time so well.
The weekend has gone so quick but I have managed to make lots of new felt hair slides in new colours. Haven't took photos yet but here are ones I already have listed.

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  1. hey missy.. do you have a macro function on your camera? its a wee tulip. You should activate it when you're taking photos like this :) Also... you should try to join swap bot - i organise many blog link swaps. Sign up has just ended on one but il be getting more visitors. Im going to put a post up for your give away im just working on the image and i'll do the blog love soon :)