Saturday 17 November 2012

Christmas Badges

I wasn't planning on making any christmas badges....until I found this fabric and new it would be perfect.
Introducing the Lilies and Daisies Christmas badges:

I am so pleased with them and trying to resist wearing them right now.  Anything can be printed on them.  They would be ideal for any christmas parties, or how about using them as place settings for christmas dinner?  They could even be added to a lovely homemade cracker as a gift or used to embellish those christmas presents.
Available now at my ebay.

Sunday 6 May 2012

Bridal Flowers

I love the look and feel of vintage wedding flowers.....the simple design that implies that flowers have just been picked from the garden.
I have been finding it difficult to try and focus on what I would like for our wedding.  The trouble is that I like just about everything.  When I read that a local florist was holding a flower school on creating a bridal posy and buttonholes, I just had to try.

The flower school was taken by Love Lily of Abergavenny.  Their website and facebook is an endless photo dream gallery of every possible flower combination, in which I have lost many hours browsing.  The school was held in The Angel was the perfect combination.  Walking in was like I had died and gone to heaven...log fire, a host of lovely scented flowers, beautiful classic room decoration and welsh cakes!!

You can view photos of the flower school on their facebook.  It was so useful and I learnt so much.  Their advice will be very valuable in helping myself to choose the flowers and look I would like for our wedding.  I have now been able to draw up a rough list of what I need, although everyone else does seem to think I am mad doing my own flowers.

Above are photos of my creation on the day of flower school, and below is my first attempt on my own.  It was much more difficult without the support, and I had only supermarket flowers and some stuff from the garden, but I was pleased with the results.  Much more practice needed, but I now feel it will be possible, with careful planning.  Thank you Love Lily!

Saturday 5 May 2012

Hen Badges

Hello everyone.  I am still around.  Had some surprising news in January....I am getting married!!  All my time has been taken up wedding planning, and I have to admit that I love it.  The wedding is in April 2013 so have been busy creating and planning.  Of course, there will be a vintage theme.

I am still doing custom work and just wanted to share some hen party badges that I was asked to make.

I love making these.  There is always someone planning a surprise and I always imagine how happy the bride to be must fell when she realises that all the effort was for her.

These are also brilliant for a vintage wedding, when they can be initally used as place settings and then for the guests to wear.

They are now listed at my eBay store.