Tuesday 22 February 2011

Most Perfect Dress

 I have fallen in love with this most perfect dress worn by Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe awards.  It combines the most amazing emerald material with a classic vintage style.  I know I wouldn't look as beautiful and elegant as Angelina (who would?!?) but I really want to recreate in so would be grateful if anyone knows of any similar material or pattens.

Also a quick reminder of my Facebook page.  My blog is feeling a bit neglected at the moment.  I foolishly let the baby play with my camera so I now have a missing memory card so can't take any photos unless on my phone.  My facebook page is updated much more regularly and also includes all my product photos.


  1. Good luck to you on finding or recreating this gorgeous gown worn by the incredibly beautiful Angelina Jolie.

    Like Angelina, you apparently have impeccable taste.

  2. That is a lovely dress!I forgot to tell you that I passed on a Stylish blogger award to you and your blog last week,sorry for not letting you until now:)xx