Thursday, 19 August 2010

Especially for Heart Handmade

Claire over at Heart Handmade has been doing a series of posts regarding how to crochet.  I promised I would show her photos of a crochet blanket I made last year, and then decided that it would be lovely to show you all.

This was made for my living room and matches the colour scheme.  It is not actually entirely finished, as my intention was always to have a border.  Don't think I will ever get around to it tho, as it sits proudly on my sofa.  It is really heavy and perfect when feeling sleepy watching a film.

I love to crochet, and was shown how by my mum when I was only very little.  I believe that you are either a crochet or knitting fan.  You might be able to do both, but there is always a favourite, which is especially true in my family.

I have also made crochet hair slides in the past to sell.

My bookcase has various crochet manuals.  I have tried loads of times to make crochet heart bunting, but I am never happy with the sizes, and I always end up unravelling them.  I have also got a very large collection of vintage crochet cotton and patterns.  The crochet cotton is very difficult to work with as the stitches are so tiny, and it is not so forgiving if you get a stitch wrong or if the tension is not even.  However, that is the beauty of crochet - nothing gets wasted as the wool or cotton can always be re-used.


  1. wow! im so impressed!! how many squares in varying sizes did it take to make your blankey?

    Can you recommend any good books? I dont have any currently, I have a beginners knitting book which is like my bible when im trying to knit things! x

  2. The blanket has 10 11" squares and 40 5.5" sqaures. Each set (i.e 1 large and 4 small) have different colour sequences. The different colours sequences and sizes were done to keep me interested instead of doing the same over and over.
    My favourite book is 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans: Crochet Squares to Mix-and-Match by Jan Easton as gives some real interesting ideas and is easy to follow. Lots of books now use crochet pattern grids which I find more difficult to follow.