Sunday, 29 August 2010

No camera

Sorry everyone for not posting for a whole week,  I do have a few excuses tho!!

Firstly, I still haven't fixed my camera or got around to buying a new one.  Posts are not the same without a photo, and the photos often inspire me.

Secondly, I am hoping to have a new range of jewellery soon.  I have been looking for materials to start making dangly earrings, necklaces and braclets.  It is just like when I first started, which means that I have had to spend a lot of time, money and effort researching the best quality and priced materials and tools.  Lots of the materials have now arrived, but just waiting for a few key components.  I have also sourced some original vintage beads and cabochons, which I am really excited about using.  Can't wait to begin and I hope they will be a favourite for everyone ready for Christmas.

And lastly, I have been reading.  I am terrible once I start as find it hard to put books down.  My Lilies and Daisies stuff has stopped me for months, but now I have read 3 books in two weeks, and sadly this means I haven't done much else, but the necessary completion of orders.  My current book is Memoirs of a Geisha which I have found fasinating.  I have only got about 10 pages left, and then I must not pick up another book for a while!!


  1. lol I read that years ago and i loved it! i couldnt put it down!

  2. I too read that a while ago and loved it.Looking forward to seeing your new range of jewellery!
    Thanks for popping over to mine and leaving your lovely comment,Cassandra xx