Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What to do?

Today I woke up with a strange feeling.....I have nothing to do!!

I did have a brilliant day yesterday.  Had a argument with my badge machine, made and completed 20 orders and finished my 2 large custom orders (one is for a shop - you have to check out her blog as it is so lovely Paperdolly) .

And all that means that I have no custom orders to complete at the moment and I am up to date with everything.  This hasn't happened for months and I am sure it won't last.

But it does mean that I can add more things to my Folksy and Etsy today and maybe even start to make a few new things I have wanted to do for ages.  I will use my time wisely.

Also a big thank you for Scented Sweetpeas for mentioning me in her blog regarding her winning the Blog giveawaylast month.  She has some brilliant photos of her prizes.


  1. woo!! fantastic :) im so glad lilies and daisies is moving forward :) the wonderful world of blog land!! You should get bigger mugs and do more Mr Darcy stuff xo I need a giant cup for my tea and coffee needs :p x

  2. How lovely to have a bit of time to yourself after such chaos! We get so used to being busy when we get a bit of time we don't know what to do! I find it so hard to just relax.

  3. What lovely things you create - thanks for the thanks, you are more than welcome after sending me such lovely things :-)

  4. Hey chicken Do you have many of those cabochon things made up in any of your shops? Im hoping to buy a couple of things for a wedding im going too..and a wee hollyday at the end of august!! I had a wee look but you only had one hair clip thingy in your ebay.

    heres a lil inspiration for cabochon jewelery...

    i love this lady! Cant afford the shipping though. and omg you have almost 50 followers! woo!!