Sunday, 18 April 2010

Busy magnet day

Had a busy day yesterday, sorting out the magnets. I now have repetitive magnet wrist strain.

Made paper and fabric ones, and forgot how lovely they look, when have a huge stack made. Still haven't got all the designs done, but got bit fed up then so the next batch will have to wait until next week. I made around a 100 magnets!!

 Some are already listed on eBay, and the rest will be listed on various shops within the next week. The most popular ones are listed as single items, and if anyone wants a group, just contact me, and I can do a custom listing for you with reduced postage. They work out at 40p each or 45p for the fabric ones. They are super strong for their size.

My fridge is covered and I also use them to decorate my locker in work. If there is something you have specifically in mind, and you can't see it, then just ask and I can see what I can do.

Also remember that all designs are also available as badges or compact mirrors too.

I have already put the washing on the line, and it is going to be a gorgeous day, so enjoy yourselves and make the most of the weather!!


  1. holy moley you were busy!!

    My aunty is after some fancy magnets... is there any chance you could put together like 5 different patterns in a private listing for me?

  2. These are fabulous! What a great way to spruce up the fridge :)