Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More orders

This week has been crazy.  Had loads of enquiries and orders.  Always find it gets really busy towards the end of the month - must be something to do with pay day!! :)

I am just keeping on top of everything.  Had a big order for hair slides and more magnets so it will keep me busy over the next few nights.  The purple slides are something I made for the winner of the blog giveaway, and I really loved them.  They are now listed on eBay at £2.20
The cabochon rings are selling really well.  It was just a trial, but as they all sold quickly, so i have had some new colours and designs arriving today.  There will be more rings, but also will be using smaller ones for hair slides.  They are not listed yet, but if you want to pre-order them, then just contact me.  Rings are still £3 each and the hair grips will be £2 each.


  1. omg i love those resin flowers! im so pleased you have more orders!

  2. They are gorgeous may even treat myself x