Sunday, 11 April 2010

New Badges

The weekend has been busy for me.  I have a new corsage project underway, been making up the blog giveaway prizes and managed to get my badge making machine out to make up some new fabric badges, which can be found on my eBay.

My favourites are these red and white strip and spot.  You can never tell what the fabric will be like until the badge is made, but these are really effective.

I also had an idea to make up some plain cream badges to sell to crafty people who want to design their own brooches.  They can be embellished with whatever you want and are a good alternative to brooch pins as give a professional look.  They are being auctioned on eBay at a starting prize of 99p for 3 but if you want more or a different colour, then contact me for a blog deal.

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