Saturday, 3 April 2010

First Blog Giveaway

As you know, this blog is new and I only have 2 followers!! (very sad face)

So to encourage people to follow me, as know there are lots of secret watchers, I have decided to do a blog giveaway.The winner will receive both a felt flower corsage and felt hair slides in a colour of there choice (I have almost every colour I think!).

All you have to do is join as a follower and leave a comment stating what colours you would want if you win. Easy!!

This will run for a week so will end on the 10th April. Let everyone you know too.
Thanks, Anna

P.S. For my first follower Claire - you will of course be included too :)
P.S.S. Thanks Claire for designing my giveaway photo layout and my new banner.  Check out her blog, Heart Handmade.


  1. Thanks!! Im glad to see you are posting more :) I tried to leave a comment last night on your easter card but flippin blogger kept bringing up errors on all blogs i tried to comment on. I really love it. This giveaway is great. Il make up a post today and share with peoples :)


    Feel free to use the image :) I would love that brooch in any colour! I really love those hair clips too, i already have ur purple ones and red ones :) hmm i like the fushia ones and the mint. Its hard to think. I shouldnt have gone near your shop cuz now im bidding on things god damit!

  3. These are beautiful! I love the broach and the seafoamy color :) Found you via Hearthandmade :) Thanks for the chance to win :)

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  5. Those are sooooo super cute!! Love them! I would love the corsage in like a mustard yellow and the hair clips in purple would be super cute!

    I am also having a giveaway you might want to enter;).

  6. Just wanted to say hello! I love your products and have bought a fair few off your eBay. I will carry on buying more and the service and products are excellent!...and your blog is really good! xxx