Friday, 9 April 2010

Website in progress

More work has been done on my website.

It now has links to all my shops and my blog.

The next stage is going to be a full product list.  I can do various designs for all my products, including slides, badges, magnets and earrings, but would take too long to make, photograph and list all of these options.  So, I plan to show all of the designs available, and then customers will be able to request items to be made for them.  This already happens to a small extent, when people email asking for certain designs.

The other idea I have had, is that I can make earrings, slides, rings and mirrors to match wedding and bridemaid dresses.  This started by a friend enquiring about the compact mirrors for her bridemaids.  They are the perfect size to carry in a purse or small bag.  She gave me some of the bridemaid material, and then they were able to have matching mirrors to check their make-up and hair.

Really love when people request a certain thing, and I am able to match what they imagined.

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