Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Stuck home

Have a day off, it is a beautiful day....but I can't go out because waiting for delivery men.
Why do they give you such a broad time.  Could be anywhere between 9-5, and the whole morning has gone and I am still waiting.  Not even my delivery.  J is having a new shed and Liliana is having a trampoline.

I haven't been wasting the time though.  Have been busy packing orders.  I now have 7 envelopes waiting for when I will be able to escape to the post office.  Daisy has been helping me (trying to eat paper and envelopes).  This is the folder I keep all the paper and labels for wrapping.

Also had good news last night.  My sister's friend wants me to host a product party in June.  It is something I have been thinking about doing, but just scares me as will have to get so much stuff made before.  So now my brain is working overtime, thinking of how to lay everything out and present things.  I would also love to get some new things made ready for it, so trying to prioritise and what would be best to do first.

I definitely need to get a note book as feel like all my ideas will spill out and get lost from my busy brain.  So much to think about. 

Needed another photo to make this post a bit more interesting, so this is my button tin, where I store all my lovely buttons.  (I am a bit addicted to buying them!)


  1. I can not stand when delivery people say... sometime between 9-5 why don't they just say sit all day and wait I will be there eventually.

    On a side note I gave you a little blogger award on my blog :)

  2. Hope your delivery man turned up well before 5,they are so annoying!Good news about you hosting a product party fab,it will be a great night with all your lovely things.I wouldn't be without our trampoline,all 5 Angels love it but not at the same time of course, we have an orderly queuing system,ha ha in my dreams!The 2 yr old owns it!!!!x

  3. Im addicted to stationery and ideas notebooks! I know what you mean about delivery men, I had the pleasure yesterday waiting for my groceries! :)

    Love your button collection too :) I used almost all of mine making my button blooms so i have to restart my collection!