Friday, 30 April 2010

My new assistant

I have seemed to have found a new assistant.  My cat Ruby has found a liking to all things Lilies and Daisies.  Her favourite thing at the moment is to bother me when trying to get stuff done. 

Whether it is sitting in front of the computer screen when trying to list things, sat on the printer when printing out postage labels, eating the odd ends of fabric or sitting on my lap when trying to cut out - she is always around!!  It is one of the things I love about cats.  They always find the most awkward place to sit and the most annoying thing to do.  I have discovered that trying to stop her, just makes her do it all the more, so she will remain my assistant until she get bored and decides to chill out on the stairs (another brilliant place to sleep and trip everyone up).

On another note, I have listed all the cabochon rings on Etsy and hopefully I will list them on Folksy over the weekend.  Sold one as soon as it was listed!

1 comment:

  1. ooo exciting!! I love kitties. One of my cats at my parents house is a 14 year old boy who just purrs and purrs if you sit near him.. think its cuz hes old... but he decided he needed cuddles last night when i was working and plonked himself down right on top of the keyboard of my laptop drooling and purring..."oh heeey, were you busy?!"